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Are you a spiritual teacher? Do you want people to think you are? You’ve got the card to prove it!

Categories: Religious, Spiritual

Backstage pass!

Categories: Artistic, Music, Pop Culture

Be a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table!

Categories: Action, Fantasy

Show that you’re a professional friend!

Categories: Affection, Practical

Are you an ordained minister at various online religious organizations? Prove it with this card.

For those who are angels on earth

A parody of a well-known line from Star Trek. Dr. Bones McCoy is always complaining that he’s a doctor, not something else.

It’s not easy being an artist. Maybe if you show people this card they might give you a discount on stuff?

Categories: Artistic, Practical

You’re the world’s best! Or someone you know is. Present it a friend, teacher, or anyone deserving!

Categories: Affection

A parody of the famous board game “get out of jail free” card.

Categories: Affection, Practical

A license to hunt zombies! Please make sure that the zombies are really zombies before hunting them. They might just be tired humans.

You can be a superhero of anything!

Categories: Action, Pop Culture

Show the world that you’re a vegan! Help spread the love of living things!

Be a dictator of any country you wish!

Categories: Action, Political

Fans of Star Wars who follow the Jedi path will need these to help them perform Jedi mind tricks

Give this to someone you care about

Categories: Affection

Be a time traveler!

Are you or someone you know a genius? Prove it!

Categories: Business, Practical

Are you a private investigator? Do you want to be one? Go forth and investigate, Sherlock!

Categories: Action, Business, Practical

Secret Agent Man!

Categories: Action, Political

Show the world that you’re a royal!

Categories: Fantasy, Political

A fun copy of those retro stickers people wear at parties and meetings

Categories: Business, Practical

For those who deserve a place in heaven, all privileges apply!

Categories: Religious, Spiritual